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A new way to disseminate your knowledge

Mindojo is a virtual private tutor —
train it and it will train your students

It's simple — you create dialog scripts of lessons and
add your practice items, and Mindojo adaptively
teaches them to your audience.


Sketch out the concepts you want to teach,
define the prerequisite connections between them, and
zoom-in to add your lessons and practice items


Liberate your didactic creativity and easily craft
intelligent lesson and practice dialogs that mirror
how you would teach in person

Learning is
as easy as

Engage students with a proactive virtual tutor that
keeps the conversation alive and improves from
student to student

Fun on the outside,
clever on the inside

Mindojo continuously evaluates your students and tailors
the course to their needs while they enjoy a socialized,
gamified learning experience

Harness learning data to improve your course

Reach unprecedented content quality through
data-driven improvement recommendations

Case study:

The Economist
GMAT Tutor

Mindojo powers the world’s top-rated
online gmat prep

Every day thousands of GMAT future test-takers use Mindojo's technology to learn and practice essential GMAT skills and techniques, each enjoying a unique course tailored to their needs.

The Economist GMAT Tutor