Artificial intelligence learning platform

Mindojo is an intelligent learning platform. It's simple, you map out the content of your course and Mindojo creates a chat-like learning process, personalized for each of your students. As students learn, Mindojo both adapts better to students and improves your content!

From STEM to history to professional certifications, you can use Mindojo for nearly any course, as either a supplement or as a standalone product. Mindojo is ideal for both training inside organizations and as a turnkey solution powering new commercial products — complete with billing, CRM, and numerous integrations for marketing and customer support.

Adaptive learning

Mindojo courses are made of tiny, interconnected content units, usually just a few sentences long. The Mindojo algorithm assembles these units into a chat-like learning flow that keeps students engaged, while adapting to each student’s level.

Mindojo automatically experiments with different teaching strategies and compares content variations to identify the most effective ones. The more students learn, the better Mindojo gets.

Content development

Mindojo’s conversational teaching style requires non-linear content, that can be challenging to develop. Mindojo includes intuitive authoring tools that make it easy and delightful to develop (and evolve) such content.

Powerful workflow management features allow teams of authors, designers, and editors to seamlessly collaborate. Support for localization and internationalization lets you dramatically expand the target audience of your courses.

Human support

Mindojo courses can optionally include several ways for students to get help from a human instructor whenever they are struggling with a difficult concept.

The Ask-a-Tutor messaging system allows getting asynchronous support, and the Live Sessions system lets you offer one-on-one tutoring that gets automatically scheduled into the availability slots of your academic support staff.


Our platform can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to a powerful built-in CRM and integrations with popular third-party services:

  • Data reporting
  • Integration with external apps
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Client relationship management
  • Marketing and customer support integrations
  • Plans and promo management

Want to try it?

Mindojo is currently available for selected partners from around the world. Let us know if you have a promising course you’d like to develop.

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